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21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy, 40 pages.

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Even if you are new to trading or an experienced trader we are here to assist you. We know that trading is a real jungle and we are certain that with our 6 year experience we have many tips to share with you.

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Access 60 trading books, 50 videos and 20 useful links that we recommend. We provide you with the tools you need to create that second income. Learn more about Trading Psychology, Money- and Risk Management.

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In partnership with IC Markets we can offer our members a 30% commission discount on Standard account and a 21.4% commission discount on Razor account. This is on each trade, forever.

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Member Reviews

I struggled learning trading for a few months until I found TFP who really helped me understand the basic concept of trading, setting up an account and getting started. Love my mentor Brian!
Kenneth Bureshore
Forex Beginner
I wan to thank you Nicholas for all the spot on advice! I appreciate your input and excellent guidance.
Lejla Minovokich
The educational content combined with a personal mentor really was what I needed. Bouncing ideas with someone puts thing in perspective. I also love the discount I got with IC Markets.
Mikael Stutter