Ledger hardware wallet

Why you need a hardware wallet

  • If you do not control your own private keys you do not own your Bitcoin.
  • Exchanges have an exhaustive history of being hacked, hardware wallets protect against losing your funds.
  • The modern financial system is based on trust, crypto and especially hardware wallets put you in control.

Hardware wallet vs Broker


  •  When having your assets on ledger you hold the keys (seed phrase) to those funds.
  • No one can shut your account down or freeze assets.
  • Safer.


  • You don’t have ultimate control of your assets, the exchange can freeze them, for example if regulation happens, or even get hacked.
  • It’s an extra investment cost for security.
  • A slight learning curve for beginners.


Ledger Nano S Plus

Ledger Nano X

Ledger live

Increase your hardware wallet security

With a metal card you can increase the security of your seed phrase. Imagine your house burning down with your paper card. Not with this one!

It’s recommended not talking to freely about your crypto investments or that you have a hardware wallet, protect to not becoming a target.