Our goal is to be the largest recruiter to IC Markets

We started recruiting to IC Markets as an Introducing broker in April 2017 and we are constantly growing rapidly in client acquisition. We are proud to deliver, in our minds, the best broker at a 30% reduced cost or 50$ trading bonus.

We also strive to support our clients with additional expertise, as your success is our success. The concept of no conflict of interest is dear to us. That’s why we love the model when all three of us are winners together.
Our introducing service runs on our clients consistent trading, for that profitability is necessary. IC Markets get free client acquisition and you receive a partner that truly wants you to succeed at industry lowest costs.

Trading is about being profitable. That’s also why we see it as our mission to save so many traders from crapy brokers. To many overpay and trade against their broker. Please read more about bad brokers here.

With this explained we hope you want to take the step and become more profitable with a broker that cares about your success.

For contact you reach us best at our Facebook.