We offer a $100 trading bonus to the clients we recruit to IC Markets, see conditions below. Both new and current clients can claim it.
As we are a 3rd party recruiter to IC Markets we earn provision to the clients we recruit, and the bonus is based on that we give back 50$ of our provision to reward our active clients. It’s a win-win situation for us all.

Cash bonus for active clients

Trading Bonus
$ 1

Just do this:

  1. Click the link above and create an account with Refer ID: 10087
  2. Trade 15 lots on a standard account in Forex currencies
  3. Write to us at our Facebook and notify that you have traded the 30 lots and have seen this promotion offer, then we will send you $100 on PayPal.

This is an IB promotion offer where we give back the first $100 from commissions. The bonus will be sent privately, not from official IC Markets.

Already an IC Markets client?

Just do this:

  1. Email partners@icmarkets.com and write “Hi partners, I want to connect my account to IB 10087 because he recruited me. Thank you.”
  2. Once confirmed, write to us at our Facebook and notify that you have seen this offer and we will apply the 30% discount to your account or give you the 50$ bonus after 15 lots traded on a standard account in forex currencies, per your choosing.